Mobile Storefronts

Toyota e-Pallets are planned in 3 sizes, ranging from 4.8 meters (15.7 feet) to 7 meters (23 feet). A 23-foot mobile storefront is the perfect length to park in front of the standard 25-foot wide storefront. Mobile storefront passengers could ride for free in return for using commercial services during their travels to and from work. Riders could earn money by providing delivery services in their neighborhood.

Toyota ePalette

Mobile Crafting

The 4.8-meter e-Pallet is well-suited for last-mile transit and deliveries where mobile crafting and customization occurs enroute. The longer 7-meter e-Pallets below could provide free transit for up to 20 passengers by offering a range of services during transit, including food preparation and product fabrication wherever smooth routes are available.

Prepared for discussion with Fuqua Development for the proposed storage facility overlooking I-20 freeway at the northwest corner of the Glenwood Place Kroger in southeast Atlanta. The following proposal includes a crafting center for e-Palette artisans, upper deck pop-up market, and several residential studios.

Developing an open e-Palette logistics network in partnership with Kroger, Toyota and the surrounding Beltline communities would result in fewer single-passenger car trips, easier access to fresh produce at neighborhood hubs, and more middle-income jobs for local entrepreneurs.

1. Top Level - A public terrace with the best skyline view in southeast Atlanta. Portions of deck used for plant sales. e-Palette demo center and open-air café seating located by pop-up restaurant area on rooftop deck.

2. Below Upper Deck - A large covered Maker space, where craftsmen gather to fabricate custom products using fast CLIP 3D printers and mobile e-Palette workspaces.

3. Ground Level - A mix of storage and assembly areas. Several residential studios provide increased security. Large elevator on Kroger side to upper deck.

4. Below Ground Level - An automated storage area maintained with the assistance of bots. Stored items are scanned and inspected confidentially by AI for safety. Additional storage under the bluff.


Imagine the time saving and traffic reduction if we created distribution networks that moved commodities in small shared containers, without cardboard or bags, using open data exchange standards for combined shipments.

A small ePallet bot delivers combined shipments without extra wrappers and boxes.

Combining shared-mobility with mobile retail allows for customized shopping experiences during travel with products pre-loaded based on rider preferences, clothing/shoe size, tastes and interests.

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While not offering rides yet, the Amazon Treasure Truck brings single-item shopping to local neighborhoods in 30 cities.

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