Critical Mass
In the Yard at Hulsey

Our Challenge - How to create family-friendly connected park space with on demand retail, while dramatically increaseing the speed that car and trains move from Atlanta to Decatur?

Hulsey Streetscape
Path and Bikeway

A dual-level rail and car trench could be located below a slow moving roadway, another one could be below an adjacent woonerf route, and a third could be below buildings adjacent to covered parking. This narrow trench approach would allow tree canopies and buildings to span the 24 foot covered trenches while providing two lanes of car traffic below street level.

Trench Comparison

Narrow Trenches
Not this wide-style used in Los Angeles

To create walkable tree-lined streets and park space, three narrow trenches could allow for intimate surroundings with canopy trees, unlike the wide trenches used in Los Angeles.

Tilford Yard

Located northwest of Atlanta, Tilford Yard will
also be transformed in the years ahead.

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Three narrow trenches would allow for tree canopy
above underground car lanes and feight rail.

Reenvisioning Atlanta's East-West CSX Corridor

The designers of the new Hulsey Yard could move both freight trains and fast car traffic underground by including three 24 foot wide covered trenches running east-west below the yard. At the ends of the yard, the narrow trenches could merge into one large trench containing the 3 rail lanes with 5 car lanes above. This approach would allow for canopy trees and family-friendly recreation space above, while eliminating traffic congestion on DeKalb Avenue from Atlanta to Decatur.

Initial trench work could focus on the south side of the yard to eliminate Cabbagetown cut-through traffic by providing direct access to below-ground parking. Access to the covered car route could occur within the existing underpasses at Boulevard and Krog Tunnel, thereby preserving these architectural landmarks. The trench height could range from 42 to 55 feet, with the lower 30 feet for freight rail.

The freight rail bridge at the 75/85 freeway could be replaced with a rail tunnel, while raising the current dip in the freeway. Freeway ramps could be added to access the new covered express-route to Decatur. The Decatur Street bridge could be raised and pivoted to align with the new express route while adding a higher crossing at Decatur Street for local traffic, bikes and pedestrians.

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