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Planning Session Input - Summer 2018

1. At the southwest corner of the parking deck, connect bike route by widening embankment.

2. Avoid adding loop in center of greenspace. Use existing road adjacent to Fort Walker instead.

3. Provide bridge over Oremwood deck entrance by extending edge of deck. Include stairway.

4. Position restaurant HVAC units within vent.

Grant Park History Center - 2025 Vision

Following the development of the new entrance at Zoo Atlanta, creating a Grant Park History Center adjacent to Fort Walker represents an opportunity to combine sustainable construction with improved connectivity.

The proposed project could expand the footprint of the current zoo maintenance facility, without tree removal. With two additional stories of interpretive exhibits and archival space, the total building space could be increase by 900%.

The existing maintenance road could be converted into a family-friendly bike path to provide a level, safe route connecting to the Beltline along Park Avenue.

View deck plans - Includes two earlier entrance garden concepts by city.

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