Renderings by Grant Park resident Loren Heyns. Send Input

July 11 Planning Session Input

1. Graceful path from Fort Walker to Ormewood crossing. Avoid right angle turns in Beltline route. No three step stairway.

2. HVAC - Hide and reduce sound. Cooling units could be concealed under roof, heat pumps could be below ground level within deck vent.

3. Covered MARTA bus stop on Atlanta Ave and Park Ave with trash bin, solar roof (no visible side panels), shared bike dock (not just Uber Jump-Relay Bikes).

4. Plant wall on south face of deck and restaurant. Edible plants (Living Building Challenge), piezoelectric mist irrigation test site for Georgia Tech research.

Grant Park History Center - 2025 Vision

Following the development of the new entrance at Zoo Atlanta, creating a Grant Park History Center adjacent to Fort Walker represents an opportunity to combine sustainable construction with improved connectivity.

The future project could expand the footprint of the current zoo maintenance facility, without tree removal. With two additional stories of interpretive exhibits and archival space, the total building space could be increase by 900%.

The existing maintenance road could be converted into a family-friendly bike path to provide a level, safe route connecting to the Beltline along Park Avenue.

Atlanta Map Room - Georgia Tech NSF REU Site in Civic Data Science - Visit Blog

City Plans - Back of Restaurant

As seen from Boulevard and Ormewood. Smith Dalia Architects.

Greenspace Brainstorming

Green space as destination

How to connect restaurant patio with green space

How to best separate traffic, bikes and pedestrians in green space

How to minimize paved surface areas in green space

Gray water harvesting and usage in green space, cistern

Edible agriculture, hydroponic wall, mist irrigation in green space

Restaurant waste composting, local involvement, usage in green space gardens

Bike parking areas, smaller racks for wider dispersion

Porous forest pathway at bottom of south side of Fort Walker, without curb edges

Specific to Restaurant and Surrounding Area

Solar coverage of restaurant and pavilion, energy storage/sales

Interpretive centers as funding driver - history interwoven with sustainability

Longterm integration with southeast corner of zoo, staff residences

Atlanta Rides, free shuttles and shared vehicles with commercial funding

Citizen parking patrols, ticket placement, revenue incentives

View deck plans - Includes two earlier entrance garden concepts by city.

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